Coral Island – The Summer Update Is Live!

Improved combat, Fire Giants open, summer outfits for NPCs and so much more

by Chris Thomas
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Ever Expanding Content

Coral Island launched last fall and right out of the gate, it was huge.  (Check out our original review here).  It took the farm/life sim model from its enormously successful predecessors like Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon and expanded immensely on them.  What makes me such a big fan of Stairway Games is that they have continued to drop seasonal bombs in the way of enormous content updates.

Earlier this year, Coral Island dropped the Spring Update, which increased NPC content and interactions, opened up the Wind Gate and the Giants Village for the Giants storyline, increased house development, added more ranchable animals, new cosmetics, new tools and a bunch more.  Now summer is here!

keeping the content coming

The Coral Island Summer Update brings a plethora of new content for us to dive into (some of it literally!).  The Fire Gate is open, bringing new levels to the mines and new minerals and gems to collect.  The BOS Hideout has been added giving new missions and ways to collect combat gear.  Combat itself has been reworked which is great news as I mentioned it to be one of the only downsides in my original review.  There are new animals and critters to ranch and collect and the town level can be improved.  All of this and much more is live now so if you’ve been away a while, dive back in!  The water is warm 🙂

Summer Update Changelist

Animal Festival

Join the Animal Festival on Summer 12, in the town center:

  • Rodeo Challenge: Test your skills on a mechanical bull!
  • Chicken Stare-Off: See whose chicken has the strongest stare.
  • Cow Race: Find out which cow is the fastest in town!


Dateables and some townies’ in-game models and portraits now switch to summer outfits during the season.

Enjoy additional dialogues and new heart events.

New Content

  • Fire Gate: now open for exploration!
  • Fire Gate: discover osmium ores, gems, and new monsters.
  • BOS Hideout: unlockable through story progression.
  • BOS Hideout: shop for rings and 4 new weapon types.
  • Combat Rework: standard, unique, and special attacks for each weapon.
  • Giants Storyline: free the fire giant and embark on a special quest.
  • Errands: dynamic quests in Town and BOS Hideout.
  • Traps: craft to passively catch insects and ocean critters.
  • Scents: consumables to reduce detection by insects, critters, and monsters.
  • Fish Pond & Insect House: available at the Carpenter for breeding fish and insects.
  • Ranching: Pig and Quail now available at Jack’s Ranch.
  • Sprinkler Attachments: auto seed/fertilizer can be developed at Ling’s Lab starting Summer 8.
  • Ocean Critters: new species to catch while diving.
  • Mastery: level cap raised to 9!
  • Town Rank: increased to Rank C.
  • Festivals: shops added at various festivals.

Improvements/bug fixes

Reduced memory usage for smoother gameplay.

Game balance optimizations.

Over 175 community-reported bugs fixed!

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